Anaphylaxis Awareness and Emergency Treatment Course

Duration – 2-3 hours

Who’s it for?

Anyone responsible for caring for sufferers of Anaphylaxis – this often includes teachers, nursery workers, childminders and care workers.  This course will give you an understanding of Anaphylactic shock and how it affects the casualty, as well as detailed information on treatment with focus on use of an auto-injector (Epipen / Anapen / Jext), as well as basic life support.  This course can also incorporate information / treatment of asthma, including how to recognise a severe asthma attack and use of inhalers (which schools can now choose to keep their own supply of ‘spares’).

Course content:
  • Anaphylaxis – common triggers / recognition
  • Asthma – common triggers / recognition
  • How to recognise a severe attack
  • Use of treatment devices  (auto-injector / inhalers)
  • Basic life support (recovery position / CPR)
  • Developing a plan to manage anaphylaxis or asthma in the setting

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