Why Health & Safety Training In The Workplace Is Important

Every year, more than 200 people are killed in accidents at work. Furthermore, more than one million individuals are injured and over two million suffer from work-related illnesses.* This is why health & safety training at work is so important.

Investing in health & safety training for your staff protects your business, your employees and you, by reducing the likelihood of accidents and ill health in the workplace.

Your employees are your business and you have a duty of care towards every single person in your organisation, from board director through to trainees, to ensure they are kept safe and not exposed to hazardous working conditions.


Prevent accidents

With appropriate, tailored training, all members of staff can become fully competent in their roles at work – including being aware of what their responsibilities are and having the knowledge and confidence to fulfil these. By fostering a safe, positive environment where everyone knows how best to carry out their duties in terms of staying safe and healthy, accidents are less likely to happen.

Happy Staff

Staff who receive the necessary health & safety training are likely to be happier individuals, confident in their knowledge of how to identify hazards and handle any situation that arises. Staff productivity and motivation improve as a result, and employees are likely to take less time off sick too.

Cut Costs

Accidents and ill health at work are costly for everyone – for the individual as well as business. By reducing accidents and injuries, fewer work days are lost through sickness and ill health. Insurance costs and compensation claims are also reduced.

Legal Duty

You are legally required to protect the health of employees and keep them safe during the working day. The necessary training, information and supervision must be provided to ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, the health & safety of all employees.

Health & safety training should be tailored to the needs of your business and staff, with training delivered according to the level of staff and nature of the work involved. Training is vital for managers as well as junior staff members, as everyone has a responsibility to keep the workplace safe and to take measures to avoid ill health at work.

From assessing the risks to controlling the risks, through to identifying hazards and coping in an emergency, training gives staff the knowledge and confidence to be able to act and contribute towards a safe, healthy work environment.

It’s important that health & safety training is ongoing and not simply a one-off.

Live For Work understand the massive difference proper, regular training can make to the health & safety of a business, its workplace and employees. We provide a wide range of training and work with various clients across the public and private sectors, including businesses, schools, charities, councils and warehouses.

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*Source: HSE